The evolution of Internet traffic

SandvineThe Canadian company Sandvine releases a very welcome report on the evolution of Internet traffic twice a year. Sandvine is a market leader in network policy control. Though its company mission certainly gives it a vantage point as an observer of Internet phenomena, the data collection details are not disclosed. Its series of reports, named Global Internet Phenomena Reports, provides a host of data on fixed, mobile and converged data networks around the world, as well as their own analysis of trends. Their latest edition, the Global Internet Phenomena Report of 2H 2013, is available for a fee, but the report concerning the first half of 2013 is available for free here and well worth reading. Among the most notable trends reported in the 2H 2013 edition you find:

  • the growth of Netflix, which together with YouTube, accounts for more than half of the downstream Internet traffic on fixed networks in North America;
  • the growth of mobile Internet traffic in Asia-Pacific (with the average monthly usage exceeding 1 gigabyte, mainly due to by video), which has  doubled the consumption in North America;
  • the dominance of Instagram and Dropbox on mobile networks in many regions across the globe;
  • the demise of P2P filesharing, now accounting for less than 10% of total daily traffic in North America, down from 31% of five years ago.
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