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The true video watching time on Facebook

In the fable "The frog and the ox" by Aesop, a frog tries to appear bigger than it actually is by inflating itself more and more...till it bursts. Well, that's not the end of the story, but the frog's behaviour resembles … Continue reading

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Two days in Rennes (at Télécom Bretagne)

Some days ago, I was in Rennes for two days, serving on a PhD committee at Télécom Bretagne. As you may know, Télécom Bretagne is the name of the engineering school that was formerly known as the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des … Continue reading

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A tour of the Internet in 40 maps

Through the always interesting blog of Arthur Charpentier I've seen a fascinating graphical view of many facets of the Internet. Several issues are addressed through 40 maps (you can explore the whole set of maps here), which are divided into 6 groups: … Continue reading

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SMS messages on the declining path, or are they?

A few months have passed since Neelie Kroes' tweet announcing chat apps overtaking SMS. It's time to take a thorough look at the phenomenon, and crunch some numbers.

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The evolution of Internet traffic

The Canadian company Sandvine releases a very welcome report on the evolution of Internet traffic twice a year. Sandvine is a market leader in network policy control. Though its company mission certainly gives it a vantage point as an observer … Continue reading

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Discovering communities in a network through network clustering

Some members in a network (be it a physical or a virtual one) may have a stronger relationship with some of the other members. Inside a network there are communities, whose members have stronger connections inside their community rather than … Continue reading

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Our paper on traffic analysis (estimation of traffic matrices) published by Springer

As a follower to our papers ("Blind maximum likelihood estimation of traffic matrices under long-range dependent traffic" and "Estimation of traffic matrices in the presence of long memory traffic") on traffic analysis in the presence of long-range dependence, our survey … Continue reading

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